Rum Runner

Black Fly - Rum Runner

Transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise with this exquisite blend of 7% smooth Rum and an indulgent medley of pure tropical juices: the sumptuous taste of pineapple, richness of apricot, boldness of blackberry and zesty balance of lime juice. Experience the extraordinary with this unique, vibrant, flavourful, and not too sweet rum cocktail. Enjoy ice-cold from the 400mL resealable bottles or Freeze & Squeeze right in the bottle for a fabulous frozen cocktail.

  • An indulgent blend of pure tropical juices & smooth Rum
  • Made with real pineapple, apricot, blackberry & lime juices
  • 7% RUM
  • Flavourful & Not too sweet
  • No Gluten. Vegan. Kosher.
PRODUCT NUMBER: BC #346599, AB #102578, ON #36651, MB #57741