1. Why the name Black Fly?

Black Fly swarms in the great Canadian outdoors are the stuff of legends. The small iconic, persistent insect after which the company is named, lands undetected and delivers a mighty bite. In entering a highly competitive business dominated by global companies and imports, Black Fly hoped (like the insect after which it was named) to fly in under the radar and take a chunk of the market. And, black fly insects actually pollinate our much adored Canadian wild blueberries, a pure juice that we use in our Vodka Cranberry and Vodka Blueberry.

2. How did you get into the business?

With great difficulty! According to a National Post article Black Fly was the first company in 100 years to be granted a distillery license in Ontario. Like all start ups Black Fly began with an idea to create something unique in a booming industry. With over 35 excellent microbreweries in the province and no micro-distilleries we saw opportunity to evolve the "cooler" category and introduce craft produced MORE NATURAL & LESS SWEET spirit beverages to people thirsty for convenient, ready-to drink NOT TOO SWEET. Locally made mixed drinks. And the rest as they say is history!

3. Where are you located?

The world headquarters for Black Fly Beverage Company (offices and plant) are in London, Ontario Canada.

4. Where are Black Fly products sold?

Black Fly products are sold in liquor stores from Canadian coast to coast. Black Fly is sold in 99% of the 620 LCBO stores in Ontario, and a further 125 smaller LCBO agency stores in the province. Black Fly is for sale in liquor stores in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, the Yukon and the North West Territories. Our thanks to the most passionate customers in the world and supportive store managers who stock, sell and enjoy our Local Canadian products in every province in which we are sold.

5. Why can't I find one of your flavours at my local store?

It's our goal to have every Black Fly product in every store. Managers have discretion to order and list for regular stock any Black Fly product that is available in their province. Go to our WHERE TO BUY PAGE to see what stores have what you are looking for, ask your local store manager to bring in your Black Fly pick (it makes a difference), or contact us with your inquiry. Customer requests to managers are always a help!

6. I am a huge Black Fly Fan. How can I help?

We get asked this question all the time, and we greatly appreciate the passion our fans of the fly feel for their favourite drinks. If you are asking the question you have already helped, by sharing your find with friends, serving us, giving the gift of a first 4-pack. Join us on facebook, instagram & twitter. Help us spread the good word. Send us photos that capture your passion & keep in touch. We love all the feedback, cocktail ideas and amazing photos that come our way.

7. Are Black Fly Drinks Gluten Free?

Every Black Fly product contains no gluten.

8. You say Black Fly Drinks are NOT TOO SWEET. How much less sweet than other RTD drinks?

Sugar content or brix in wines and blended alcohol beverages are stated in grams of sugar per 100mL of liquid. Black Fly Mixed Drinks are upto 60% less sweet than leading brands in the RTD category. Black Fly Vodka Cranberry has just 4 grams, Vodka Blueberry 5, and Vodka Citrus 6, compared to the industry norms of 9-16.

9. Are Black Fly drinks carbonated?

Black Fly mixed drinks are lightly carbonated using a slow carbonation process that produces a soft champagne-like bubble that makes Black Fly easy to enjoy straight from the bottle or on the rocks. If you prefer un-carbonated drinks, simply open a bottle, swirl, pour and allow the soft bubble to dissipate as desired.

10. What is the shelf life of a Black Fly drink?

Black Fly mixed Drinks are made with real juices which means they may fade or change colour over time in the bottles. While there are no food safety issues to worry about, we suggest Black Fly Mixed Drinks in bottles be enjoyed within 8-9 months. Black Fly in cans can be enjoyed for 18 months+

11. I see great Black Fly t-shirts, hats and swag on your website. Where can I get some swag?

Email us or reach out to us on facebook, instagram or twitter.

12. I want to serve Black Fly at my large upcoming event. What do I need to know?

You need to know that we appreciate that you are choosing to buy a local product that is a sure crowd pleaser, is a perfect pairing with beer and wine, and will be a great on the budget. Product will need to be ordered from your liquor store well in advance of the event. Unlike breweries, Black Fly cannot sell directly or deliver product to people or events. All purchases are made directly through the liquor store. Please email inquiries to blackflbooze.com for support.

13. Is Black Fly Vegan?


14. Is Black Fly Kosher?


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