My drink of choice through life has always been a margarita. Very difficult to bring your blender and mix to parties. Thank you for Black Fly Margarita and making it with tequila and NOT VODKA. I know you don't use fructose which is great!
Kate, Ontario
Hello there! I absolutely love your Black Fly Drinks. I have been drinking them now for about two years and they definitely are my first choice when I frequent my LCBO. I love how they aren't as sweet and carbonated as all the other coolers out there. Thanks for a great product. Cheers!!!!!!
Michaela, Sarnia, Ontario
Absolutely love the margaritas. Thanks so much for catering to the gluten free people!
Val, Ontario
Hello, I simply wanted to take to say that Black Fly coolers are amazing!! Love how they are low cals and not overly sweet like ever other cooler. I was camping in New York with my American friends and they were amazed by these coolers. Thank you for creating such a perfect bottled mixed cocktail! That is all have a wonderful day!!
Lisa :)
First I want to say how much I love Black Fly beverages. I don't like sweet drinks so having the exact right balance of juice without extra sugar is really wonderful. And knowing they're made in London? Priceless.
Paul, London, Ontario
Wow! Finally a cooler I can call my own...I hate the sugary ones...yours ROCKS! I will definitely convert all my gal pals...( and maybe some of the guys;-) Can't wait to try some of the new flavours you mention... Keep em coming...Awesome!!! ( and I love the fact they are all Cannuck! )
Michelle, Parry Sound
I simply LOVE your coolers. Not too sweet, taste that flirts with your mouth, very accommodating bottle, great price! I am going to ask the local bars up here in Northern Ontario to start carrying them!
Helene, Hearst, Ontario
Just wanted to let you know how awesome your product is. It is thoroughly enjoyed here in BC!
Allison, British Columbia
I have been drinking Black Fly for three summers now. And winters too, come to think of it! :) It's a great tasting product! I didn't realize until today, looking at your website, that Black Fly was totally a Canadian micro-business! Well done! I'd buy it anyway, because it's great tasting, but now I'll definitely spread the word. Wonderful product!
Lisa, Ontario
Thank you for an awesome Margarita! We enjoy time at the cabin on Lake of the Woods. We have no power or running water so we don't bring the blender & real limes to make Margarita's. We used to drink the 1L bottles of another brand but have not been able to buy them in Kenora, ON nor in Winnipeg, MB for the last year or so. Last week we noticed two new brands at the LCBO. The only way to give them a fair comparison is to buy them both and try them side by side.The winner.......BLACK FLY!! Thank you for making a margarita that does not taste like a lime soda with 1/2 oz of tequila! Love it! Looking forward to packing them into the cooler this summer!
J.Lo, Kenora, Ontario
It is so nice to finally find a cooler that is not sweet, well done.
Alice, Quesnel, British Columbia
Hi there!! just wanted to write a quick note saying how much I enjoy your product!! Black Fly vodka citrus coolers are delicious and very refreshing!! Nothing beats one on a hot summer day here in Nova Scotia!! So glad this is a Canadian product and I will continue to buy them as long as they're around!!! Again,keep up the great work!!!! from a very satisfied customer!!!!
Chrissy, Nova Scotia
One of the main reasons I enjoy your product is because of your natural juice ingredients; very refreshing in today's market), and your bottle choice with the lid that can be put back on to keep it fresh. Also,one of our main policies is that we don't allow glass cooler or beer bottles on our property for safety/cleanliness concerns. The fact that you are local makes it even better. We have recently been leaving 4-packs for our guests and I was eying up your party packs (very cool) in the local LCBO and we have a few bachelorette groups that i am sure would enjoy them!
Lynn, Grand Bend, Ontario
Hi, I just tried your product for the 1st time and was very pleased. I rarely drink coolers except for the occasional hot summer day, but last year I found ONE. What I really like about THIS OTHER COOLER was that it wasn't nearly as sweet as other coolers I had tried. Regular coolers, I can only drink one. This one was light, refreshing, perfect for summer.Last weekend I looked from THAT LESS SWEET COOLER only to find it had been delisted bythe LCBO. Once the clerk knew I was looking for a lower sweet cooler, she immediately recommended your product. She said when the LCBO had a employee testing and everyone loved it like they hadn't loved anything before. I grabbed your product and ANOTHER BRAND. Hands down - you rocked!!! THE OTHER BRAND, while it had low calories and low carbs, it had a bad after taste. I really, really, really liked Black Fly. Yum, Yum. I will definitely buy again (this weekend in fact) PLUS tell all my friends Thanks!
Joron, Mississauga, Ontario
Hi there, I was able to enjoy one of your Long Island Ice Tea products last night and wanted to pass on that I thoroughly enjoyed it and reminded me of the kind of "KEG SIZE" Long Island that I have ordered periodically in the past through the Keg restaurant chain. People always have their own versions of Long Island but you have truly captured what it should taste like in a bottle somehow. Kudos and continued success.
Andy, London, Ontario
I just wanted to drop you a "Big Thumbs Up" on your Vodka Cranberry.I have just recently tried them after sampling them at my local LCBO.It is so nice to finally have a cooler out there that is not so sweet,and made with real juices that is great!!!!! I am looking forward to more flavours in the future.I hope that these are around all year long and not just a summer cooler.I will be sure to tell my friends about them. You bet Black Fly Vodka Mixed Drinks and Black Fly Tequila Margarita and Black Fly Long Island Iced Tea are around all year long and available for your local LCBO to stock for you and your friends. Thanks for the thumbs up and for sharing your favourite find with friends.
Michelle, Midland, Ontario
I recently watched an episode on the Food Network, on how you made your delicious drinks. Went down to the LCBO bought a 4 pack of the Long Island Iced Tea, and absolutely fell in love with them. The perfect mix of tequila, and juices make this drink totally amazing.
Paul, Brampton, Ontario
I never contact manufacturers but I had to let you know that my friends and I absolutely love your vodka coolers. We are so pleased that you have brought the citrus coolers back in a four pack Thanks again for making an amazing, not too sweet, just right size, CANADIAN Cooler!
Holly, St Catherines, Ontario
Absolutely LOVE your product: Hi, I have been a dedicated beer drinker but last summer was feeling like a change and tried your product. I am now a dedicated BLACKFLY driker. I have converted many friends also...(Thanks for being) a company that produces a product that is so exceptional. Peace.
I have been a fan of your products for a couple of years now. My fiancee and I have spent many summer afternoons enjoying your beverages, very refreshing. I'm not usually a "cooler" fan, however you have developed a drink that is not-too-sweet and the Muskoka-inspired flavours add a unique Canadian touch. I congratulate you on being a finalist again at the Business Achievement Awards this past March. I must say, your story really interests me. Your unique market niche and national growth plan must provide challenges but a great deal of excitement and opportunity.
Mark, London, Ontario
I just wanted to let you know how much we like your coolers. It has become a favourite drink at our family cottage. We actually drink more Blackfly now than we do beer...and by a great margin! As a family, we do not normally drink coolers but we happened to try your drink at the Cottage Life Show this past spring (our pictures are on your website...the Safety Cleat crew...our booth was just one isle over from the dock party) and we were pleasantly surprised. Normally, coolers tend to be very sweet, but your drink is tart and very thirst quenching. As we have had visitors at our cottage, we have gotten them hooked too! I also like how you have 'freezes in the same flavours. What a great idea. They are a nice treat if you want to cool off from a day down by the dock. One other feature that I like about the products is that they are Canadian and well...that just makes me feel good....like having a few of your coolers :)
Anton, Blackstone Lake, Ontario
I live in Berwick Nova Scotia this is the first time seeing Blackfly the L.C store I would like to thank you for making this product. Finally I can have a drink with out the gluten and fructose. Thank you for that. It tastes wonderful I am looking forward to trying the other flavors. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK One Happy Customer in Nova Scotia
Colleen, Berwick, Nova Scotia
Hi, I'm from Nova Scotia and generally don't drink much. After I discovered your coolers, they became the only alcohol I drank. I love that they're not too sugary so I don't feel sick afterward and the taste is great. I'm now attending college in Florida and realized you only sell in Canada. I'm going to be here for two years, so that's lame. Is there any way to order some here? Hahah. And if so, what would the cost be? Thanks.
Laura, Florida, USA
Well hello! I just wanted to let you know that I am sitting and drinking a "BlackFly" YES!!!!! It has been two months since our local Liquor Store has had them and I have been having withdrawals.( ha ha) Yes the Amherst Liquor Store just got them in yesterday. YES!!!!!!! I called all my fellow "Black Fly" drinkers and there was a mad dash to the store. I had a call from one friend and when she got there this afternoon they were out. Oh My Gosh! What does that tell you . They are the best and all my friends agree with me as you can see. Thanks again for such a great Cooler . A true "Black Fly" drinker. "Black Flyer"
Susan, Amherst, Nova Scoita
Hello! Just wanted to say how much I love black fly coolers! I am a university student so it is incredibly convenient to have these large resealable bottles that are still at a great price so that I can afford them!
Jamie, Wolfville, Nova Scotia
First and for most, I want to say I LOVE BLACKFLIES !!!!! They are the best drink no matter what occasions. I’m not a big drinker, but when I do "I’m a fly on the wall!!" I have been recently on your website and see you now have new product!! WOO HOO. I would love for you to bring this to Nova Scotia ASAP!! I do not want my summer months to go without TEQUILA MARGARITA; LONG ISLAND ICED TEA or even the MARGARITA Party Pack. Yours truly, #1 Fan
Tracy, Nova Scotia
Hi there, there is a very committed group of BF drinkers in Guelph. We are hoping that next season you will come out with the 4 pack of the lemon-lime!!! Any chance of that? Thanks, we LOVE THE BF'S. Thanks Michelle for your email and for letting us know that you and your friends in Guelph love & support Bfly. We are happy to let you know that after a huge customer response to the 2011 Party Pack...VODKA CITRUS (made with pure lemon, lime juices notes of orange & grapefruit & 7% vodka) launched in 4-packs in Spring 2012 and continues to be sold throughout LCBO stores in Ontario
Michelle, Guelph, Ontario
I just wanted to say thanks for making these coolers. I don't like sugary coolers and can't drink beer. Your Black Fly coolers are perfect.
I learned of your product last year through the National Post. So when I spied a four-pack on the shelves of my local BClcb, I wasted no time buying it and bringing it home. I then checked your website address, and followed the "where to buy" link. I was fascinated to learn that BC liquor stores maintain a DAILY online list of quantity of products in stock, but much to my chagrin, my outlet only has 17 (!) units of BF Cooler. I am/was a loyal customer of another high-end vodka cooler, but 17 cases won't last very long, especially once word gets out. Help!!!! PS Congratulations on your brilliant business idea--Canadians are "thirsty" for something we can call our own and drink with pride. Best regards
Lynn, British Columbia
I was just speaking to my boss about Black Fly. He and I have been die hards of another "Vodka Ice" drink for quite some time now but I'm over them and I'm about to convert him too!!! I said I was going to look you up on the net and, low and behold, to my surprise, not only are you Canadian but from London!! My hometown!! This makes indulging all the better. I had no idea I was being patriotic too. Ha Ha! I am truly a convert….I love the fact that it's not overly sweet and is significantly less acidy. Someone at the LCBO mentioned it was low carb too…true? Anyway - keep up the good work! Congrats on this and future success and, if you're looking to hire….. :-) (That's how much I love it!). Now - if you could only sell it in 24s!!! For us true Canadian campers! Cara, Thanks for the fabulous review - for pledging to convert your boss and for your patriotic support of all the Canadian businesses who supply Black Fly with fine ingredients and packaging. Good news on the 24 front - Black Fly is sold by the case of 24 - in a closed cardboard carton with handles, easy to carry and totally non-breakable!
Cara, Toronto, Ontario
I just picked up a 4 pack of your Black Fly. Awesome, someone has finally made a cooler that does not taste like eating a spoon full of sugar. Great refreshing cooler. You have a customer for life. Great Product
Chris, Ontario
Here it is: you've converted me. I hope the Ellesmere store stocks the Party Pack, because I love all three flavours, and the luxury of choice in one box. The Blueberry still has the edge, but it's great to have variety. The other two flavours are intriguing in that they are subtly flavoured; I would have difficulty nailing their composition without their labels. I don't consider that a bad thing. The Strawberry-Rhubarb is perfect for summer sipping, though that doesn't stop me from enjoying it now, in the deep of winter. It's tangy without being overpowering, like Mike's is. The Cranberry is the most intriguing of all - I could swear it had a touch of savoury or thyme in it, making it a perfect match up with fowl at Christmas or Thanksgiving. Again, I'm enjoying it any other time as well. Thank you so much for introducing me to the other members of the family. I wish you every success. A Black Fly Fan
Sid, Scarborough, Ontario
We had the opportunity to try Black fly at the spring cottage life show....Loved it... As promised, due to the fact that yankees.LOL That when the cabin gets opened we would purchase some. Had a bit of fun chasing the elusive Black fly down from South River to Sundridge but we caught it....Still a great product Keep up the great work and Thanks again !!
Thomas, Medina, NY / Deer Lak, Ontario
I had been working on "The Little Black Dress" for the past 3 years as part of a Christmas tradition my sister-in-law and I have. We work throughout the year to come up with the signature cocktail to commemorate each Holiday Season; don't get me started on The Year of the Coconut Sled Dog!! I was in search of The Little Black Dress - something that was appropriate for all occasions. I tried Blackfly and "Eureka!!". Half Champagne and half Blackfly and The Little Black Dress is born!! This cocktail is great for brunch, lunch and sipping on the patio as well as being sparkly and fun!! It can be dressed up (I've tried the mid-to high range champagnes) or dressed down (Asti works well) and because your product is not "sickly-sweet" and has true flavors nothing is lost in the translation!! I can't wait to try it with a Blueberry version. Your coolers are my favourite by far but when I want something a bit different its easy to accessorize. Thank you, thank you!!
Cheryl, Thunder Bay
Hi I was at EAT Vancouver 2008, where I got my 1st taste of BlackFly Coolers and their Spiked Ice......... can I just say phenomenal job guys!!!! It's the best natural fruit juice cooler I have ever drank! Me and my friends kept coming back to your booth, b/c your stuff was addictive!! I'm definitely going to let all my friends and family know about your product!!! It's only Monday and I feel I've already told the world about BlackFly!! from Sunny - Very Satisfied Customer!!
Sunny, Vancouver, British, Columbia
First I want to say how much I love Black Fly beverages. I don't like sweet drinks so having the exact right balance of juice without extra sugar is really wonderful. And knowing they're made in London? Priceless.
Paula, Dorchester, Ontario
Ok... To start ..5. You guys have been my social beverage idols since day one, when you started in the old bank on Talbot street and Dundas.. In London , Ontario! Yup... Been there from the bitter beginning! I absolutely LOVE your coolers.. Not too sweet.. Even a steroid muscle Dude or two has been known to sing your accolades! Loved pretty much all of your drinks...good value!!! ... Lol ...The point is, you have continually kept up with the tastes of Canadians and I am proud to serve Blackfly to all of my friends and family, because I know I can't go wrong! I absolutely love your latest! .. The citrus blast!! Keep up the great work! And if you ever need someone to sing your accolades.. I am definitely your chick!. Cheers!
Mary, London, Ontario
I absoultely love your coolers as well as your "spiked ice"! We were at your booth at Eat Vancouver at least 4 times trying each kind of spiked ice(strawberry/rhubarb is our favourite). A week later we walked to our local liquor store at newport village in port moody and bought a package of the spiked ice and had some friends over to try it (they thought it was the best concept they have ever seen). Since then, spiked ice and the vodka cooler are the only drinks I can have ...probably due to the very minimal amount of sugar in your coolers. I will continue to purchase your drinks and spiked ice because they are awesome! One of your most dedicated customers!
Karla, Port Moody, British Columbia
I have been hooked since the first time I tried it! The Cranberry are my favorite. Although on a regular basis am faced with our entire city being sold out and back ordered! So, it seems you have hit the jackpot with these super delicious drinks. Please make and ship more!!!! A Black Fly fan in Thunder Bay, ON. THANKS! Hi Angie: Thanks so much for taking the time to email us your rave review - and thanks for giving us the heads up on store stock outs in Thunder Bay. We are always busy filling the warehouses and stock outs are definitely not happening because of any production issues at Black Fly. We will take action because of your email. LCBO warehouse, store managers and staff have been amazingly supportive of our small Ontario company, so please continue to ask at the stores you shop at for more Black FLy on the shelves. We hugely appreciate it, and I think you will find LCBO staff very responsive. Please keep in touch, and let us know if you continue to experience any trouble finding Black Fly. We will do our thing too.
Angie, Thunder Bay, Ontario
I just discovered you guys this summer (first time in my LCBO – Barrhaven, Ontario) and not being a beer drinker it is wonderful to be able to have a cooler after work without feeling like I just drank a cup of sugar.
Erin, Barrhaven, Ontario
I was so incredibly surprised when I received your quick response to my e-mail! Thank you so much! I don't require you to respond again....I just wanted to thank you and tell you that it was so wonderful to actually hear back from a company who cares about their customers! I am thoroughly looking forward to the release of the new flavours and convenient 12 packs. I will definitely keep up the buying on my end! Again....thanks.
Angie, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Dear Blackfly Makers! We bought your product last night at the LCBO store Grantham Plaza in St. Catharines ON. We are originally from London and Forest On and decided to try it instead of (2 other brands). Asked the cashier if she had tried it and she said yes but wasn't as sweet as the others and wasn't too sure about the taste. Well, we cracked open a couple this afternoon and I can very honestly tell you that I am very much enjoying your product at this very moment! It's got a great taste without that sicken sweet taste of the others. We also watched Venture when you guys were on it. Appreciate your hard work and dedication and thank goodness for all your supporters! We are also small business people starting our second year and both have full time jobs. Busy but worth it so far. Anyways I just wanted to say thank-you for an excellent Sunday sipper…Lovin it a lot… may have to send the other half for a few more this aft. Take care and keep them coming …will let all our friends know!.
Tracey, St. Catherines
I have an inquiry about this cooler. I've been loving them since I discovered it in the spring of this year. This week I bought two 4 packs. One set had a clear label around the neck and the other had a solid label. Have you changed the recipe? Just wondering. Great to hear you've been loving the fly since you discovered Vodka Cranberry. Great news the label changed but the popular Cranberry recipe did not. Still made with real cranberry juice, 7% vodka, still refreshing and NOT TOO SWEET. We changed all our neck labels to make it easier to identify the bottles once out of our 4-pack and 12 bottle multi pack. Red for Vodka Cranberry, Blue for Vodka Blueberry, Green for Black Fly Tequila Margarita, Yellow for Vodka Citrus. Hope you keep loving the Cran and hope you love our new flavours too!
Gary, Barrie, Ontario
I am an employee of the LCBO and I am a BIG fan. I started buying your Spiked Ice last summer, and recently I have tried your coolers in an "in store tasting". I am already a fan as your are the only cooler that comes in a plastic bottle and I own a pool with strict enforcement of a no glass rule. I am curious as to why the Strawberry Rhubarb are not available in four packs (or at least they aren't at my store). These are my favorite in the Spiked Ice flavors so I expect I will like those the best out of the party pack I just purchased. The reason for my email is mostly to let you know that whenever I see someone purchasing your spiked Ice, I let them know to take them out of the box to freeze, and I also give them a tip I learned last summer. I always cut the spiked ice from the bottom where the packaging is narrower. Word of mouth is definatly a great engine for promotion, and let me tell you, I prmote your products! I am pretty much a walking advertisement for you and hopefully give others tips to keep them coming back for more. I suggest them every chance I get and steer customers in your direction all the time. Keep up the good work! Thank you so much for the glowing review and for your kindness in sharing your love of Black Fly & how to consume SPIKED ICE tips with your friends and customers. You are right that word of mouth is a powerful and wonderful way for a small producer like us to have people discover our unique Ontario products. With regards to bringing strawberry/rhubarb to market in four packs. . . we wish we could right away! The LCBO's idea was to introduce our newest flavour through a 12 pack & at the moment you can only find our new flavour there. Hopefully we will continue to receive great reviews and requests for strawberry/rhubarb 4-packs, and 4-packs will follow in the future.
Joy, Orangeville, Ontario
I just want to say that I discovered BlackFly margaritas this summer at my local LCBO in Leamington, Ontario. I just love the lime flavour margaritas and cannot drink any other cooler now. I was wondering if you sell the strawberry margaritas separately or if you have to buy the combo flavour party pack to try them. I asked at the LCBO store today and they said they don't sell them that way but perhaps a larger liquor store might. I thought I would email you directly to ask before making a trek to Windsor to check. Thanks so much for making such an awesome margarita!! It is my cooler of choice now!! You guys rock!!
Michele, Leamington, Ontario
About six months ago my wife and I had seen a t.v. show that showcased black fly, It explained the trials and tribulations that you had went through putting your product on the market. Thank Goodness you persevered,because what a great product. Congratulations for taking the cooler world by storm. Seeing your program made us realize, That with hard work and dedication anything is possible. My wife and I have moved from Hamilton to the London area, and have started our own business. Thank you for the inspiration !. Indulging in black fly coolers helps take away the every day stress that goes along with business. Thank you
George and Jody, London, Ontario
Hello there blackflies. I just watched the piece about you on Venture and am totally impressed by your inovation and dedication. I would like to support your venture and was woundering about availability of your product. I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario and was hoping you could let me know if your product is available in this area as I would be very happy to support such great Canadian business people. Thanks for your time You bet - Black Fly is in every warehouse in Ontario including Thunder Bay.
Bobbi, Thunder Bay
I just wanted to write to say I just tasted one of your "low in sugar" coolers - the cranberry/blueberry one. I was informed by the young woman in the Collingwood liquor store (after I asked what the sugar content was) about your company and your very progressive thinking. I am so impressed with companies / people like you who are producing healthier products. I have refused to buy coolers for years now because of their sugar content or the fact that they were not upfront about their sugar content. I appreciate and will buy your products (already did after the demo) and I will spread the word to all my friends about your products and will put something on my Facebook. Way to Go ! I checked out your website and hope that I can buy the strawberry/rhubarb in Ontario sometime soon. I haven't looked for them but I am wondering if they are available yet in the Cambridge/K-W/Guelph area or Owen Sound or Meaford or Thornbury or Collingwood area? The lady I spoke to did not mention that flavour as being available in Collingwood today. I will also be looking for your other products. Anyway, thanks again for producing a guilt free product that will be a pleasure to enjoy and share with friends and family alike. Keep up the good work and I wish you every success going forward. Wow Trudy. Thanks for the glowing report! Collingwood is a hugely supportive area for Black Fly. You should be able to find all our NEW flavours and old favourites. Check our where to buy page for the LCBO stores in your area. Click on City to alphabetize the store list. It's customers like you who support our small Ontario company and spread the word that help Black Fly thrive. Thanks.
Trudy, Collingwood, Ontario
You guys are great, and a treasured part of the city of London!
Alex, London, Ontario
Hi!!! I have finally found MY cooler. Black fly is AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks
Cathy, Toronto
On the weekend a large group of our ladies golf membership had the pleasure of discovering Black Fly! We loved it so much we decided we would like to have a"Black Fly Hole" in our final ladies golf tournament. We have different pit stops at every hole . . . We plan on talking to our golf course management and get them to stock up with "Black Fly". Thanks
Lori, Morriburg, Ontario
Hello there! Saw your business story on Venture tonight...Great to see a start-up that is doing well in the market! The competition is tough but its good that you found your niche.. Hope to see them soon in Atlantic Canada!
I would like to tell you I really have enjoyed tasting your new product Black Fly. As you advertise it is not to sweet but has just the right amount of sweetness. I first tried your product at the Braz for the cause event and was really glad to see your display at the Wine tasting event on Sat. Both times my company really enjoyed your product also. I do know this will be one of the coolers I will be buying on a regular basis. Thank you for starting your business. I like to support small business people as my husband & I have our own business and starting up on your own can be trying in this day!!
Jewel, Kintore, Ontario
I saw your company on venture last night and wanted to write to tell you it was very impressive that someone would give up landscaping to become an entrepreneur, and compete in a very tough arena. I have not tried your product yet but will and the vodka freezes was an awesome idea!. I love great stories of people going up against all odds in the beliefs that they can do better, congratulations and all the best in future endeavors!
First of all I must say that I seen your story on Venture last night and congratulations on your accomplishments. I didn't know that Black Fly was made by a small independent here in Ontario like yourselves. I myself like to have a Black Fly during the summer months, but my wife is a big advocate of it year round, as she's never liked the sweetness of other coolers. I'm normally a beer guy in the summer months. Thanks for your time and good luck in all your future endeavors.
Your coolers were wonderful especially since they aren't sweet. The sweetness is the reason I don't usually drink coolers. I will tell all my friends to try your coolers and I will definitely look for my favourites on the Labour Day weekend. Keep up the great work and thank you for being a great Canadian company. Your new follower,
Shannon, Guelph
My brother who has lived in Muskoka for the past 25 + years, introduced us to your coolers earlier this summer and it's now a hit down here in Windsor with our friends. Thanks !
Nancy, Windsor, Ontario
We are 4 guys that do an annual road cycling trip somewhere in southern Ontario (eg Manatoulin, Haliburton, Rideau Lakes) Over the past few trips we have become quite enamored with Black Fly coolers ... some prefer the Vodka Cranberry but I quite enjoy the Margarita Next summer is our 10th ride.We aren't world class riders, but do enjoy getting out for some cycling & having a few Black Flies
Hi, figured sending a short email couldn't hurt.. I am a (lime) tequila margarita addict, but now that the strawberry is out, it's all I want! Hope you can bring it back in its own 4 pack! Best. Thing. Ever. ps. Really diggin' the long island too, great choice for a new flavour!
I love your BlackFly drink. I have all of my friends hook on it! It is the best summer drink ever!!! I love how you bottle it in a plastic bottle, screw cap, wide mouth, the entire package is awesome!!!
I was wandering around the cooler aisles today getting ready for cooler season. I always keep a few premixed drinks in the fridge, especially in the spring and summer. I noticed your product, with the NOT TOO SWEET, on the packaging. Well, I figured I would give it a try. I LOVE your vodka/cranberry. I will be buying the other flavors as well. Great product….it will be the my spring/summer drink from now on. It is true, it is not too sweet and it tastes great. I would love to see your margaritas in Nova Scotia. I have read some reviews on your website and they sound great. Is is very difficult to get a premixed good margarita. Do you have any plans to sell margaritas in NS? Thanks and wishing you all the best with this fantastic drink.
Melody, Nova Scotia
I just wanted to say thank you for making such a wonderful alternative to the sweet carbonated coolers on the market today. I am very conscious of what I eat due to allergies and have to stay away from artificial anything...I have only found and tasted the Vodka Blueberry and Vodka Cranberry ones. I live in Abbotsford, BC. Do you know where I can try the others? It would be great to have that.
Susan, Abbotsford, B.C.
I have now been purchasing this product for a little over 4 years and really enjoy it. Not only does your product taste amazing but knowing that its made right here in the city of London encourages me even more to purchase your coolers over the other guys. I enjoy going away for the weekend camping, but before I try and make sure to put a bunch of blackflys in the cooler to enjoy around the fire...Wish you all the best there at blackfly...your product definitely speaks for itself!
Mitchell and Shannon, London, Ontario
Just a quick note to say how much we're enjoying the (new) blueberry 4 pack we picked up at the LCBO today. The flavour is excellent, the lack of food dye ("why isn't it blue?", my wife asked), and the fact that it's not sickening-ly sweet is a bonus. We've enjoyed your cranberry flavour for years... It's a bonus that we're supporting the smaller, niche/boutique segment of the market & that you're truly Canadian - please 'keep it in the family' so to speak. With best regards and a 'cheers' to your ongoing success!
Norm and Wendy, Dundas, Ontario
Hey black fly! Love your drinks!! Since the day I found them, I've been telling everyone I know! People are always asking what I'm drinking and when I let them taste, they're already converted. Have a good one! From allllll the way on the coast of BC :)
Ashley, B.C.
You did it again. been drinking your product since day one. this new one is the best you made. thank you
Mel, Kenora, Ontario
Hola! We love Black Fly beverages and I as write this we're enjoying one now! My husband is turning 50 this weekend and we're having a party and our theme was "Black Fly - Get Swatted" Of course we will partake of the Tequila Margarita Party Pack but we thought for the non Margarita lovers in our crowd the Vodka would be perfect.
Lisa, Kingston
Hi, just saw your company aired on the food factory. I like your product for taste and convenience but now I can appreciate it more. You have invested in your product, tried to reduce sugar, used natural food coloring where possible and use a quality plastic! Well done- this has won my customer loyalty. Lol - I am also from London and never new you were local! Well done- hope you have many success today and tomorrow!
Kelly, London, Ontario
Your product is one of the best that I've tried in the past and will always pick up a party pack when I see them. We have a cottage up north that is only assessible by boat, so the plastic bottles work great for me as well.
Betty, Cottage Country