Tequila Strawberry Margarita

Black Fly - Tequila Strawberry Margarita

Absolutely authentic in ingredients and taste, Black Fly Strawberry Tequila Margarita blends pure strawberry and lime juices, 7% Genuine Mexican Tequila and a hint of salt. Freeze to slush right in the bottle or enjoy ice cold. Delicious. Flavourful. Not too Sweet. No Gluten. Craft Produced by Ontario’s own Black Fly.

  • An authentic and classic Tequila Strawberry Margarita
  • Made with real strawberry and lime juices and a hint of salt
  • Genuine Mexican Tequila 7% alc./vol.
  • Flavourful and not too sweet
  • 400mL non-breakable, resealable bottles
  • FREEZE TO SLUSH right in the bottle
  • No Gluten. Vegan. Kosher
PRODUCT NUMBER: BC #488990, AB #862085, SK #39139, MB #42908, ON #24360