Ice Cube Party Pack

Black Fly - Ice Cube Party Pack
3 x 400mL bottles of Vodka Citrus
3 x 400mL bottles of Rum Punch
3 x 400mL bottles of Tequila Margarita
3 x 400mL bottles of Vodka Grapefruit

Enjoy 4 fantastic flavours ice cold or frozen to slush in Black Fly ICE CUBE 12 bottle party pack. Black Fly Vodka Citrus and Black Fly Rum Punch are back in Ontario and paired with two all time favourites - Black Fly Tequila Margarita and Black Fly Vodka Grapefruit. Great value at a price that delivers one free bottle per pack (compared to 4-pack pricing).

  • Made with real lemon, lime, pineapple, strawberry and grapefruit juices
  • 7% alc./vol, Vodka, Rum or Tequila
  • Lightly sweetened with cane sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No Gluten. Vegan.
  • Big 400 mL non-breakable, resealable bottles
  • Great value, 20% more than standard 330mL bottles