Vodka Soda & Gin Soda Mixer Pack

Black Fly - Vodka Soda & Gin Soda Mixer Pack

It's the ultimate mixer pack. Black Fly Vodka Soda Fizz and Gin Soda Fizz. Fresh, delicious and light with a hint more flavour than zero sugar Vodka and Gin Sodas.

  • Two top spirits & two top flavours
  • Lemon/lime VODKA SODA Fizz
  • Grapefruit GIN SODA Fizz
  • Made with real lemon, lime & grapefruit juices
  • 6% alc./vol.
  • A delicate blend of Gin, grapefruit juice and refreshing soda
  • A delicate blend of Vodka, lemon/lime juices and refreshing soda
  • 12x355 mL
PRODUCT NUMBER: LCBO #15368, SLGA #35659, AGLC #842663, BCDLB #47699